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Alcohol Hand Gel – 7 Things You Need to Know

Hand sanitiser gel and liquids are common place now in all venues, from commercial buildings and schools, to private homes. But do you know the basics to make sure every time you apply it, it’s fully safe and effective? Do you know what’s even better than applying it for clean, protected hands? This post and infographic give you what you need to know. The above infographic is free to use as long as the original source is referenced via a link to this post. Does it matter what % Alcohol is... Read More


3 Design Errors in Commercial Washrooms

There are plenty of design mistakes one can make at washrooms and toilet cubicles, the Internet is full of epic fails of this. We wish to highlight three less known possibilities that we have personally encountered ourselves and that could have been easily avoided. 1) The wrong toilet paper dispenser Our philosophy is based on always trying to communicate that any washroom fitting or appliance must be appropriate for the location and user traffic. Calculating the capacity of the accessory in relation to the facilities footfall can save costs and... Read More

Comparison of Koala Baby Changing Tables

We have already detailed the main features to look for in a commercial baby changing table. If one knows the measurements and needs of the location, comparing product specifications is a useful method to make a decision. Since Koala Kare has a varied range of baby changing tables, we are going to display all of their models. This brand is a Bobrick division that has become one of the top manufacturers specialised in child care products for commercial washrooms. Comparison of Koala Baby Changing Tables The Koala changing tables that we supply and mention... Read More

IFS Will Be Supplying Water Efficient Sensor Taps

Being UK’s top website in energy efficient hand dryers and also encouraging accessibility with grab rails and Doc M packs, Intelligent Facility Solutions is introducing a new bathroom fitting that saves water and improves hygiene, especially in commercial washrooms: sensor taps. These automatic appliances are designed for low maintenance and use in restrooms at airports, shopping malls or education centres.  Leading sensor tap manufacturer We will market bathroom taps designed by Giampieri Rubinetterie, an experienced Italian brand that produces high quality brassware together with another European manufacturer, also a world leader... Read More

3 Reasons to Install Bath Grips

We should feel natural about adjusting our lives to ourselves and vice versa. There must be no embarrassment in this adaptation. Nobody questions that households have to be prepared for children or disabled people. However, it is still hard for us sometimes to acknowledge that we should also take care of ourselves and other adults although one feels healthy. Plus, getting older is a fact for everyone and, unfortunately, getting sick will be too for the majority. The lack of bath grips or a walking cane does not make us younger or stronger; in some cases, it... Read More

Are non-touch appliances in the washroom the way forward now?

A public or workplace washroom will typically have either a hand dryer or a paper towel dispenser. In the past, we’ve had to touch or come into some sort of contact with the appliance in order to dry our hands. However, in this new pandemic era of heightened awareness around hygiene safety, this isn’t exactly too feasible anymore. Especially when washrooms harbour a lot of germs! So, this is where non-touch appliances come in. These are appliances that don’t require a person to come into any contact with it. These... Read More

The Dyson Airblade Tap – Innovation or Hinderance?

The Dyson Airblade tap, Innovation or Unnecessary NPD? What have those clever designers at Dyson come up with now? The Airblade tap is the next evolutionary stage in Dyson’s commercial washroom range following on from the highly successful Dyson Airblade hand dryer. The Dyson Airblade hand dryer has been hugely successful, it literally turned the ‘hand drying’ experience upside down. Dyson combined the ‘hands in’ concept that has been fairly prevalent in Japan and Korea for almost 20 years, with an incredibly high powered Dyson digital motor, the result was... Read More

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The Efficient Future of Washroom Maintenance – Utilising Technology

Staff time is at a premium and an empty paper dispenser or a full bathroom bin annoy customers. This digital era can provide useful solutions to make replenishment and cleaning more efficient while preventing making a bad impression. There are two main options on the market to improve restroom upkeep: placing systems in the washroom accessories that monitor the level of the consumables or relying on visitors to notify about the state of the facilities. Monitored washroom fittings Though still in its development phase, Fraunhofer IIS created “CWS Washroom Information... Read More

Top 9 Quiet Hand Dryers 19/01/2021
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Top 9 Quiet Hand Dryers in 2021

Intelligent hand dryers UK have put together a list of the top 9 effective, yet quiet hand dryers on the market. This isn’t just a list of the quietest hand dryers, as a quiet hand dryer that doesn’t dry your hands in a reasonable time period is pointless. The dryers must be effective to be included. Most of these dryers have been approved by the Quiet Mark, an approval from the noise abatement society. The top 9 Effective Quiet Hand Dryers on the Market The Dryflow Classic PLUS mark II hand dryer The... Read More

Top 8 High Speed, Quick Drying Hand Dryers For 2021 05/01/2021
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Top 8 High Speed, Quick Drying Hand Dryers For 2021

We have been asked these questions a thousand times over. What is the fastest hand dryer on the market? Which one actually dries your hands in the quickest time possible? Some manufacturers would have you believe that theirs is the quickest, (and why wouldn’t they?), without actually showing how they tested them. If they can provide the testing, have they really got the hands soaking wet like you would do when you actually run them under a tap? So, what are our top 8 recommendations for you to look at in 2021?... Read More