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3 Design Errors in Commercial Washrooms

There are plenty of design mistakes one can make at washrooms and toilet cubicles, the Internet is full of epic fails of this. We wish to highlight three less known possibilities that we have personally encountered ourselves and that could have been easily avoided. 1) The wrong toilet paper dispenser Our philosophy is based on always trying to communicate that any washroom fitting or appliance must be appropriate for the location and user traffic. Calculating the capacity of the accessory in relation to the facilities footfall can save costs and... Read More

Four things you can do to make sure your work environment is safe

Last week, the UK government announced their plans to begin the phase out of lockdown measures. And one of these measures was a return to work for those that cannot work from home, but stating that ‘for the foreseeable future, workers should continue to work from home rather than their normal physical workplace, wherever possible.’ But for those that are not able to work from home, like workers in manufacturing, construction or distribution, then the next logical question would be – how do I make sure or know that my... Read More

How to Create a Disabled-Friendly Working Environment

Disabled people have on average lower incomes. Besides, they spend £550 per month in their condition. Among other barriers, they have more difficulties than non-disabled people to obtain a high level education. Adults with disabilities need a job, but while 11.5% of working age non-disabled people are not economically active, in case of those with disabilities the number is 44.3%. In order to contribute to improve disabled people’s life through work and team-building, employers should follow a equal opportunities policy when hiring and also retain good workers that developed a disability. An inclusive working environment means enriching... Read More

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The Efficient Future of Washroom Maintenance – Utilising Technology

Staff time is at a premium and an empty paper dispenser or a full bathroom bin annoy customers. This digital era can provide useful solutions to make replenishment and cleaning more efficient while preventing making a bad impression. There are two main options on the market to improve restroom upkeep: placing systems in the washroom accessories that monitor the level of the consumables or relying on visitors to notify about the state of the facilities. Monitored washroom fittings Though still in its development phase, Fraunhofer IIS created “CWS Washroom Information... Read More


How to improve the indoor air quality in your school

How to improve the indoor air quality in your school  03/11/2020 Schools in the UK house more than 10 million children and young adults, who spend around a third of their lives at school. – 70% of this school time is spent indoors. So, it’s therefore really important that schools provide their students with the best possible indoor environment for learning. Article in Summary – Indoor air quality is a real issue for schools, and the effects of poor air quality can have serious short and long-term effects on both... Read More

Great Hand Dryers For The Home 06/05/2021
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4 Great Hand Dryers For The Home

Outlined in an article in The Daily Mail and backed up by the NHS, bathroom towels are probably one of the most unhygienic items in the home. Why? Because they retain moisture allowing bacteria to breed and are used in the most germ ridden areas of the house; collecting faeces and other germ ridden substances from the hands, face and body. These bacteria can be spread from person to person as the towel is used by multiple people.  Just washing the towel is not enough, you have to do it at the right... Read More

The differences between air purifiers and air sterilisers

So, you’ve decided to invest in a product that can help with keeping the air inside your space clean. Especially with the COVID-19 virus ever present. But after a bit of online searching, you come across the terms ‘air purifier’ and ‘air steriliser’, and you don’t really know what the differences between them are. Well, you’re not alone!  We’ve pulled together what the main differences are between an air purifier and a steriliser, so that your decision as a customer is made that much easier. Air Purifier Uses a series of... Read More

A Buying Guide to WRAS Approved Automatic Sensor Taps 08/07/2020

A Buying Guide to WRAS Approved Automatic Sensor Taps

We’ve already discussed how to choose the best sensor tap for your requirements, but If you’ve been asked to spec WRAS approved sensor taps, or you prefer your products to have this, then the post highlights some of the best on the market.  If you’re unfamiliar with what WRAS approval is, then we’ve got that covered below too. The 17 best WRAS approved automatic sensor taps for 2020 include: AQUAZONE AQUAECO Mono Sensor Tap AQUAZONE SAVOIA Mono Sensor Tap AQUAZONE AQUAECO Mono MIXER Sensor Tap Franke AQUA131 Protronic-S Sensor Tap Franke AQUA130 Protronic-S... Read More

Can you install a hand dryer over the sink? 22/01/2020
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Can you install a hand dryer over the sink?

As well as installing a hand dryer over the sink, why not also take a look at sensor taps and how they work? Over the sink hand dryers.  Do they exist and what should you be aware of? Knowing where to install a hand dryer can be a task in itself.  It can be dependant on a number of factors including: What’s the floor layout? Where does the washroom traffic flow? You will have been in a washroom where you are using the hand dryer and others are having to push past... Read More

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Which courier is the ‘greenest’?

As we become more environmentally aware, businesses – such as ours – are starting to look inwards at some of the changes we could make to the things we do on a daily basis. One thing that most, if not all, businesses use are couriers. We rely on them to ship and deliver products to customers all over the world. And even if you aren’t a business, couriers still play a significant part in people’s lives. With the ever-increasing rise in online retail and consumption, we simply get more and... Read More