Why to Use Bathroom Grab Rails with Concealed Fixings?

We can find two main kinds of fixed bathroom grab rails in the market: with exposed or concealed fixings. Although the first type tends to be slightly cheaper, it might be worthwhile to invest in the difference and acquire a product that includes flange covers to hide the mounting.

Prevent rust

Despite the relatively simple measures we can take against damp, condensation is going to happen in washrooms and shower areas. Some materials rust unavoidably, others resist water and moisture.

The quality of the screws is crucial. However, even very durable metals like AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel will end up corroding when abrasive substances reach them. Beware that this is quite likely to occur while cleaning the appliances or glazed tiles that are placed close to grab rails.

Easier to clean

The maintenance of the grab rails should be appropriate to their materials, like with all bathroom fittings. In general, the process will be faster if one has just to wipe with a soft cloth a smooth surface like the one of flange covers. Even though on a small scale, screw heads are dirt magnets and require detailed labour.


Since the main trend in decoration is to hide the fixing points when possible, we associate elegance with it. Conceal the screws and the grab rail, towel rail or shower shelf will look fancier.

In order to check if grab bars are made of corrosion resistant components or if the wall rosettes are furnished in the package, we encourage you to read carefully the product specifications. Despite not having mentioned them in this article, some suppliers provide suction cup grab rails; nevertheless, as we explained, we consider these items temporary and not safe enough to lean one’s full weight.

Whichever type of bathroom grab rail one chooses, there are compelling reasons to install them to improve all users’ mobility and also the option that the handrail has a double function (some may appreciate this disguise).

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