5 Features to Consider when Looking for Bariatric Equipment

We have started to supply bariatric equipment for bathrooms designed by the world’s leading manufacturers like Bobrick, so that facilities can also be accessible to those people with high body mass index. Having analysed our own range and other items in the market, we have come up with a few concepts to bear in mind when acquiring bariatric aids.

All the aspects mentioned below will require that the need of the user is assessed, as well as the characteristics of the area where the washroom fittings will be placed. For household facilities, the progression of the user’s condition must also be taken into consideration.

1) Adaptation and mobility

One can select either a product specially designed for bariatric people or have it made bespoke. You can also purchase removable accessories that just adapt other sanitary appliances. Likewise, instead of being permanently fixed to the wall, some heavy duty products can be portable, such as mobile shower chairs.

2) Placement

bariatric shower seatThe most obvious concept to think about is the space available, not only for the location of the product, but also for the users themselves and the person that might be helping manoeuvre them. For example, when mobility in the bathroom is not difficult, a folding shower seat seems a convenient choice.

Furthermore, since some surfaces do not provide enough grip for some materials, a floor's particular finish could be better suited to items with rubber feet, like a perching stool to aid in front of a washbasin.

3) Load capacity

Checking the tested weight capacity or Safe Working Load (SWL) stated by the manufacturer is a must. However, when buying the product for a particular user, it is also important to verify their real weight at the moment and estimate the possibility of increase. Caregivers may use the equipment, such as bariatric grab rails, at the same time as the main user, so this extra weight should be considered too.

In any case, the strength or materials of the wall, the fixings and the installation have an influence on the actual weight capacity and resistance of the bariatric product.

4) Stability and convenience

Several factors contribute to the feeling of comfort: the number of anchor points to floor or wall, the option to activate a brake or other design features like an armrest increase perceived safety and stability. Bobrick bariatric bathroom grab rail

5) Suitability

When choosing obesity bathroom equipment for a specific person, they can have particular requirements regarding product size, bar diameter or finishes available.

For further details, we recommend you contact an expert. With respect to the equipment, you could ask an occupational therapist or a professional in moving and handling. If you seek advice on building works, a structural engineer is the specialist. There are a lot of types of bariatric aids, from hoists and raised toilet seats to long handled bath brushes, you can find more information in this factsheet.

At IFS, we aim at offering an assorted catalogue of bathroom grab rails and shower seats that can improve inclusion in private and public sanitary facilities. We also sell easy to operate appliances, like quiet hand dryers, sensor taps and automatic soap dispensers. Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our team, by phone, email (sales@ihdryers.co.uk) or this contact form.

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