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Recycling Centres in Sheffield – Search Tool

Find locations in Sheffield that will recycle everything from standard plastic bottles to mascara wands using the search tool below We are excited to finally share with the world our new recycling search tool. This is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last couple of months with the aim to make recycling in Sheffield that much easier for everyone. And this was especially a priority with the comments and questions received on our Sheffield plastics recycling guide This new recycling search database not only includes your... Read More


Download free covid safe signage for your facilities

 03/02/2021 Covid-safe signage is an extremely important reminder for people to maintain distance, wear masks, use hand sanitiser and consider others. Download yours for free below. We are doing our bit where possible to support businesses with free resources to help keep costs down. In Sheffield we have been providing free alcohol gel dispensing systems to local charities, schools and businesses. We know many organisations are struggling to keep afloat amid the never ending lockdowns. It’s very important that buildings are as safe as possible but its cost that most of us can... Read More


Does Alcohol Hand Gel Expire? Plus 7 Things You Need to Know

Hand sanitiser gel and liquids are common place now in all venues, from commercial buildings and schools, to private homes. Here are 7 useful snippets of information about using and sourcing alcohol hand sanitising products. This post and infographic give you what you need to know. The above infographic is free to use as long as the original source is referenced via a link to this post. Does it matter what % Alcohol is in the gel? The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention – CDC (1) and WHO... Read More


Is fogging or UV Plasma air sterilisation the best option for my workplace?

Responsible and also savvy employers will be aware that protecting their staff from infection will be positive for morale and their bottom line, even in normal times workplace absenteeism is very costly. So, investing in additional hygiene measures will doubtless save businesses much more than it costs. But what are the options that do the best job, are safe and cost effective? Find out more below. The above infographic is free to use as long as the original source is referenced via a link to this post. We are now in... Read More

3 Design Errors in Commercial Washrooms

There are plenty of design mistakes one can make at washrooms and toilet cubicles, the Internet is full of epic fails of this. We wish to highlight three less known possibilities that we have personally encountered ourselves and that could have been easily avoided. 1) The wrong toilet paper dispenser Our philosophy is based on always trying to communicate that any washroom fitting or appliance must be appropriate for the location and user traffic. Calculating the capacity of the accessory in relation to the facilities footfall can save costs and... Read More


Comparison of Koala Baby Changing Tables

We have already detailed the main features to look for in a commercial baby changing table. If one knows the measurements and needs of the location, comparing product specifications is a useful method to make a decision. Since Koala Kare has a varied range of baby changing tables, we are going to display all of their models. This brand is a Bobrick division that has become one of the top manufacturers specialised in child care products for commercial washrooms. Comparison of Koala Baby Changing Tables The Koala changing tables that we supply and mention... Read More


Which Hair Dryer for Demanding Locations? Valera Hotello Super or Mediclinics Machflow?

At high traffic locations, any commercial hair dryer must be equipped with a long-life motor as well as a hard-wearing manufacture to bear the heavy use of tens of visitors per day. As we explained in our Guide to Choose a Commercial Hair Dryer, heavy duty hair dryers are designed to last from 2,000 to 10,000 hours. We currently supply two wall mounted hair dryers made by top brands in the field, Valera Swiss and Mediclinics, which will be suitable for public locations such as leisure centres, big swimming pools,... Read More

Five eco friendly tips and hacks

Five eco friendly tips and hacks At Intelligent Facility Solutions, we are focused on eliminating as much waste as possible and doing our bit as a business to help combat climate change. So, we have put together five easy eco-friendly hacks that could help towards both saving the environment, and saving you a bit of money. Some of these tips you may have heard before, and some may steer on the side of controversy, but they’re all eco, green, and environmentally conscious. Go paperless In an increasingly digital and online society, this... Read More

Four things you can do to make sure your work environment is safe

Last week, the UK government announced their plans to begin the phase out of lockdown measures. And one of these measures was a return to work for those that cannot work from home, but stating that ‘for the foreseeable future, workers should continue to work from home rather than their normal physical workplace, wherever possible.’ But for those that are not able to work from home, like workers in manufacturing, construction or distribution, then the next logical question would be – how do I make sure or know that my... Read More


5 Reasons To Buy From The Energy Technology List (ETL)

Buying new energy efficient equipment? Helping deliver resource, energy and financial savings – improving cash flow as well! Manufacturers or suppliers with products that qualify for the Energy Technology List (ETL) are able to demonstrate that they provide energy efficient equipment. Intelligent Hand Dryers (Intelligent Facility Solutions) are proud to have a product listing on The Energy Technology List, a government list of energy saving products used by businesses. With nearly 17,000 listed products the ETL is one of the world’s largest databases of top performing energy saving products. Businesses... Read More