Architects guide to a very common dilemma – Is the solution here?

Every washroom design has to include a means to dry the hands; most commonly used are hand towels or hand dryers. The architect normally picks one or includes both to make sure all parties are happy. Building and facilities managers prefer hand dryers as they are much cheaper to run, create zero waste and reduce FM workload. On the other hand, some people just prefer using hand towels and like the versatility they offer.

The world’s largest and most successful commercial bathroom accessories company, Bobrick, believe they have a solution called the B-38030 3 in one combination unit. Initially, I was sceptical.

At first glance this recessed paper towel and waste bin with airflow outlets on either side,  seemed a luxury. The idea of using paper and airflow to dry hands appears wasteful as both materials and energy were being consumed. However, upon trying the machine, it only dispensed one towel at a time and this was all that was needed when combined with the airflow. The machine was incredibly quiet, but my hands were thoroughly dry in a much quicker time than just using one method or the other.

So the B-38030 had enabled me to cut down by 2/3rds on the paper used, have a stress free but double quick drying experience and the water had dripped into the waste bin below. The product made perfect sense.

The B-38030 3 in one is a beautifully simple, recessed unit that creates a spacious washroom experience and provides a simple compromise that will make architects and commercial washroom designers life that little easier.

If you are a building manager reading this, please take a look into Bamboo towels. OK the cost is a little higher and there is still an issue with the carbon associated with production of paper products but in terms of deforestation they have massive advantages and are undoubtedly the future.

If you like the sound of the 3 in one combination unit and would like to see the product, please get in touch with our specification team and we would be happy to attend your practice. The 3 in one combination unit is available in NBS plus and as a BIM object, it could be combined with our manufacturing partners short CPD presentation.

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