Air sterilisers are an important part of good hygiene and safety in the workplace

When it comes to thinking about hygiene at work, our minds tend to jump to things like regularly cleaning the workplace or making sure there’s sufficient hand soap and sanitiser. We associate hygiene with the physical. But good and safe hygiene also includes the air we breathe around us. Indoor pollution is very real, as we talked about in the school context in a previous blog post.

The air we breathe indoors, and ventilation generally, should form just as key a part in the health and safety of the workplace, as any other factor. And air sterilisers play an important part in this.

Air sterilisers are small devices that eliminate odours, bacteria, viruses, and even mould. They do this by using technologies that use UV light, negative ions, and ozone, to disinfect and sanitise the air in that space. These are all elements that exist in the environment naturally, and so are safe to use.

Why should I install an air steriliser at work?

Important to health and wellbeing

  • Breathing in fresh air has a variety of benefits for both our physical and mental health. It improves blood pressure and heart rate, cleans your lungs, gives you more energy, and generally makes you happier!

It could help in minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission

  • Having an air steriliser that is constantly filtering and disinfecting the air could really help in minimising the risk of having the COVID-19 virus lingering in the air or on surfaces.

Controls both germs and smells

  • Most purifiers or air fresheners will only mask the smells with an artificial scent, and don’t actually do much else in the way of hygiene.
  • However, air sterilisers both eliminate the germs, and get rid of the smells, leaving the workplace clean and smelling nice.

It’s cost effective

  • Compared to air purifiers where you have to regularly purchase filters, or air fresheners that require repeat purchases, air sterilisers are a simple one-off purchase.
  • They also require little to no maintenance, and are relatively easy to install.

Silent operation

  • Most of these units don’t make any noise, so ideal to have in the workplace as to not disturb employees unnecessarily.
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