A Solution For Wet Floors Next To Hand Drying Stations


Facility managers ideally want washroom products that require as little attention as possible and maintain clean and hygienic environments. Identifying cost cutting solutions that achieve this, cut waste and environmental impact are high on the agenda for business owners and facilities managers.

In high traffic washrooms, the use of hand dryers or paper towels can sometimes lead to water pools building up, which of course leads to longer and more frequent cleaning times in washrooms.

Selecting a hand dryer that prevents water from pooling on the floor will therefore help keep costs down and make for a cleaner, safer and more comfortable experience for user. American Dryer have addressed the “water-issue” by offering the wallguard accessory that helps keep water off bathroom floors and walls.

Made of a single pressed sheet of stainless steel to avoid unhygienic crevices, the wall guard is fastened beneath the hand dryers to provide a protective barrier between the airflow and the wall. Any splash back created by the user is captured on the wall guard surface.  They have been designed with a s “lip” that holds small volumes of water until it is evaporated by the air flow. The raised design of the sides of the wallguard ensure the maximum amount of excess moisture is directed into the lip. 

Allowing water to evaporate under the air flow of the hand dryer means that unlike most blade style hand dryers there is no collection therefore creating a maintenance free and hygienic solution. Andy Karl from American Dryer says that “Some customers have expressed concern that water could damage their walls, grout or create a safety hazard on the floor. While this is not a concern for all locations, the wallguard does provide a solution where it is an issue.

For more information on the wall guard for use with American Dryer products please contact us Intelligent Hand Dryers on +44 (0)114 2866394

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