A Designers Guide: Alternatives to the Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry Tap

The Dyson Airbade Wash+Dry tap was introduced in 2013, the novel concept of placing a hand dryer over the hand wash basin made a lot of sense, eliminating drips on the floor and maximising the space in the commercial washroom.

For some new build or major refurbishment projects, either where cost is of little concern or the washrooms are frequented enough to warrant the extra number of devices, installing this concept makes perfect sense. However, the majority of washrooms have irregular traffic flow therefore the expense of three Dyson taps (one per basin) as opposed to one wall mounted, high speed hand dryer per three basins is just too excessive. The difference could be as much as £3600 (Dyson taps) vs £250 (high speed dryer).

Dyson Tap

Two alternatives to first hit the market was The Lovair ribbon tap hand dryer and the Dryflow Dri-tap. The Lovair Ribbon is a very attractively designed unit, it is part of trio of matching ‘over the sink’ systems for soap, water and air but again the cost is similar to the Dyson taps.

The Dryflow Dri-tap is a simple yet elegant design, that can be customised for larger projects to match the design of the existing taps. The Dri-tap has the ability to adjust the noise and airflow speed, this has major advantages. With the Dyson Airblade Tap it is necessary to ensure that the sink is specifically compatible, the reason being that the airflow can be such that the water spray is not limited to the parameters of the sink. The positioning of the Dri-tap is more flexible and the airflow speed controlled to ensure that water doesn’t spray off the basin.

The reason to choose the Dyson Wash+Dry or the Dryflow Dri-tap will depend upon the location they are going in to, the existing furnishings, whether a full renovation is required and budget restraints. 

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Dryflow Dri-tap

The price point makes it more accessible for a wide range of projects and this type of design should be more accessible because the long-term advantages of cleaner, safer and more efficient washrooms in places like schools should not be overlooked due to initial cost. We also believe the Dryflow Dri-tap has a place in the hotel and domestic market as a means of radically reducing waste and increasing hygiene.

If you would like to see a Dryflow Dri-tap in action please feel free to get in touch and book a demonstration with one of our representatives.

New for 2020!

If you are wanting something with a similar dry time to the Dyson Wash+Dry then you may want to consider the high quality and robustly made Dryflow® Tri-Tap hand dryer or Dryflow® Bi-Tap hand dryer.

They are both suitable for high traffic locations, up to 500 uses a day.  The hand dryers run between just 420W and 1500W via its adjustable settings.  You can run this for fast drying at just 1100W rated power, which is 500W less than the Dyson models with similar dry times. The adjustment in settings also allows for a noise reduction in the hand dryer should this be required.

A secure plug-in system installation means that anyone can remove the base unit from the electrics safely, should this be required, without the need to book in an electrically competent person.

As a great optional extra you can include a HEPA filter to sieve dirt and bacteria from the airflow.

Comparison Chart

Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry TapDryflow Dri-tapLovair Ribbon DryerDryflow Bi-Tap and Tri-Tap
  Dry Time (Manufacturer stated)14 seconds10 – 15 seconds12 seconds15 seconds
  Rated Power1600W500W – 1000W1100W420W – 1500W
  Guarantee 5 years5 years3 years2 years
  Can be retrofitted next to existing taps?NoYesYesYes
  Options AvailableDeck mountedWall mountedDeck mountedWall mountedDeck mountedDeck mountedWall mounted
  Other FeaturesHEPA filterNo heater elementCarbon filterOn / off heater element switchMotor speed adjustmentIntelligent heating systemMotor speed adjustmentOn / off heater element switchMotor speed adjustmentOptional HEPA filterPlug and play installation

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