30 Year Guarantee – A blast from the past?

One of the major environmental issues we face today is mass industrial production. We now live in a world that churns out so much product, using the planet’s precious and minimal resources, and we are simply inundated and over-consuming all this stuff. Half of which we probably don’t really need!

We have also become a society that is centred on a throwaway culture - where perfectly repairable items are thrown away, as it more often than not works out cheaper and saves time than sorting out a repair. Which is a business model in itself but we’ll come to that in a moment.

But of course, it might be cheaper and save you some time but it creates a bunch of waste. Waste that isn’t always recycled properly and so ends up in our landfills polluting the planet. Our planet is on a clock itself, with only a few years left to avoid irreversible damage and triggering an acceleration in climate change.

So, as we are all about eliminating waste where possible, we wanted to take it back to the days where repairs and fixing broken items were the norm and not the exception. Back to the attitudes of people like my dad, where if something like our washing machine breaks down, the first port of call is to try and fix it himself. A product would only be thrown away if there was absolutely nothing else that could be done to repair it.

This is our attitude also and why we have introduced our new guarantee. Our 30-year warranty package, available with the popular Dryflow Classic PLUS II, includes regular maintenance and an efficient repair service to guarantee three decades of energy-efficient and happy hand drying. We pride ourselves on having this product - a product that is UK designed with the ethos of the past in mind.

However, we’ve all heard the rumours that businesses these days make products that are designed to fail or break after a period of use. But it’s true and it’s called ‘planned obsolescence’. It’s not as sneaky as it sounds though.

Over the years, companies have had to change business plans and models with the times. So, when consumer culture exploded into what it is today, companies had to adapt. And this adaptation came in the form of making products with a certain lifespan so that people would keep coming back to buy more products.

For years, the paper towel industry has capitalised on this, producing a single-use product with the justification that it’s the hygienic option (which is a shaky argument anyway – see this post). They are well aware of the massive environmental damage that their industry is doing to our planet. They hide behind the fact that the public has this misconception that paper towels are recyclable, when they aren’t. But as long as paper towels keep on making them money, this doesn’t seem to be a priority for them.

But, it’s a priority for us. And at the forefront of what we do. We don’t want to contribute to the excessive waste and damage we are seeing day in and day out. We want to eliminate unnecessary waste streams where possible, or provide sustainable alternatives. We want to provide solutions. Which is why our new 30-year guarantee will make sure that your hand dryer lives a long and happy life!

If this resonated with you, or you/your company share a similiar ethos to us, then please get in touch! We would love to know more about the things you might be doing for the planet.

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